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Cut, blow-dry, colour and tbeauty treatments for your hair

About us

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Let's find out together through this short interview with Alice, owner of LIFE PARRUCCHIERI.

Hi Alice, first of all, congratulations on a beautiful shop. What is your strength?

<<Thank you, very kind. We believe in the magic and beauty of emotions, we like to think we can fulfil every beauty dream of our customers and deliver to each one, the desired self-image.>>

I confess that our meeting was a coincidence. I was looking on the internet for a hairdresser in the area and after seeing your website I decided to contact you. Getting to you with google maps was easy, the salon is clearly visible from the street, has a neat exterior and I must admit that parking for the car was convenient.

Where we are

Our salon is at Via Antonio Vivaldi 18 in Maracalagonis in the province of Cagliari, and is easily reached from both Quartu Sant'Elena and Selargius.

Our strengths

How long have you been open?

We have been open for five years and from day one we offer advice on finding the most suitable, customer-friendly style: hair care, cutting, colouring, bleaching and make-up services.

What makes you so special?

We are always very attentive to what fashion and trends propose, we like to keep ourselves constantly informed and trained to respond to the different needs of our customers, using the most appropriate techniques.

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What we do

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The cut

Any advice on cutting?

Every face has a haircut; we like to enhance every type of face. For Life Parrucchieri, choosing a haircut is a question of taste and style, but also of the proportions of the face. The cut is one of our strengths, we like it when our customers take selfies and share them on social media, they show their satisfaction.

Colour Treatment

What about the colour service?

Life Hairdressers favours naturalness to create a harmonious image of the person. We believe that a correct participatory diagnosis and a good knowledge of armouring is the best way to achieve the desired result. We have chosen Cotril products for our customers; a 100% Made in Italy company, an international benchmark for the world of colouring.

For us professionals having a complete company is very important, with Cotril we can choose the most suitable colouring product for the specific service or most suitable for the hair. For example; to tone the lengths and ends, after a bleaching service, Cotril's GLOW demi-permanent acid pH gel colouring is ideal. The result is incredible, extremely natural. Radiant, healthy, reconditioned hair with warm or cool highlights, exactly respecting the different lightening tones, a deliberately three-dimensional effect.

HairCare Treatments

I guess Haircare will also have something special at this point?

Absolutely. Also in this Cotril allows us to have a complete, professional and not excessively expensive range of products. Our customers love them and buy them to use at home as a continuation of their salon service. Skin and hair care are Life Parrucchieri's main point of interest and strength; the beauty of hair also, and above all, depends on its state of health. With regard to this theme, we have great news... 

Tell me Alice, I'm curious.

We have recently opened a treatment-only space in our salon, a real Takara Belmont Hair Spa. We use innovative digital ultrasound technology to better penetrate cosmetic colours and treatments by sealing them into the cuticle and sealing the ingredients inside. The result? Visibly improved shine, colour vibrancy and longer-lasting results.

Entering the Quantum chamber means entering the world of beauty 4.0.

A SPA for hair, face and arms

La Zero Bio Quantic SPA is a Bio Spa inside a room, in which beauty treatments are given to the hair, skin, face and arms until you achieve an energy reset that puts you in touch with your maximum potential. A living space using green technology such as the quantum pillow and the alkaline or acidic water sourceZero floating sensory immersion and Bionatural products. Inside the Quantum chamber, hygiene, operator and customer safety, comfort, and oxygenation are guaranteed to the highest standards. 

Entering the Quantum chamber means entering the world of beauty 4.0.

Zero Bio.Quantic SPA treatments

Zero Stress, Zero Aging and Zero Pollution. 

Zero Stress is aimed at moisturisesoothing and de-stressing to induce deep relaxation. 

Zero Aging regenerates cells, rebuilds the hair fibre and reactivates energy for immediate beauty results. 

Zero Pollution de-toxin to facilitate the drainage through oxygenation and alkalisation of tissues.

A simple, 24/7 booking

Alice at this point you have turned my curiosity into interest, all that remains is to make an appointment.

Nothing could be easier, you can do it now from our website. Book, we are waiting for you in the salon. 

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